Kalon: One Year In


We celebrated Kalon’s birthday in June. It was a milestone, one year in, our second year begun. Our footing found, we staked our claim and established our identity.

Unlike traditional law firms, our law firm model does not privilege profit. We are for-profit, but we privilege our clients, our employees, and our community.

In forming our business model, we asked ourselves, what do clients and employees really want from a law firm and how can a law firm be a responsible member of the community – not just the bar, but the community we live in.

It became apparent that happy employees leads to happy clients, so we focused first on how to create a work environment that gives people what the thought leader Daniel Pink identified as essential: the intrinsic motivations of purpose, mastery, and autonomy (a framework introduced to us by friend of the firm, Take Back Work founder Valerie Rivera). We gave our people flexibility, mentorship, and responsibility. We eliminated the requirements of facetime, an annual billable hour goal, and a dress code. We became digital, cloud-based, and distributed.

This approach set our compass to a truer north for our clients, so we understand and seek to accomplish their objectives by acceptable means.

For the community, we began participating in seminars, hosting salons and workshops, and created a dedicated pro bono practice. We decided to donate 10% of our ADR revenue to a scholarship for a student graduate of the Hartford Youth Scholars’ Steppingstone Academy.

To further accomplish these goals, we created The Kalon Fellowship, The Kalon ADR Center, and The Kalon Human Rights Clinic, all of which are thriving.

People have noticed. Our firm was a finalist for Best New Law Firm, one of us was recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star and by the Connecticut Law Tribune as a New Leader in the Law, another was recognized as a game changer. We were featured in a Connecticut Law Tribune article and Lawyerist.com featured our Founder. Over 200 people follow us on LinkedIn. We were asked to help prepare two amicus briefs before our Supreme Court. And our people seem to like it here.

We are grateful for the depth and breadth of support we have received from our clients, other attorneys, and the community. May the comet continue to soar.

Christopher P. Kriesen, November 10, 2018

P.S. Special thanks to Savannah Edmondson, who made short films about Kalon, our ADR center, and our Fellows.




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