No Annual Billable Hour Goal at Kalon

We don’t have an annual billable hour goal at Kalon.

Most firms do – the annual goal is a standard in legal practices. If you want to privilege profit, the annual goal is an excellent tool to maximize revenue. But it also causes collateral damage: a stressful work environment, an incentive to find ways to generate billable hours, a measure of performance that has little to do with outcome.

No client demands a firm have an annual billable goal. No associate cherishes one.

At Kalon, we eliminated the annual goal. It means we don’t privilege profit. Instead, we cherish our lives, our clients, our community.

Some may say, good luck with that. We say thank you for wishing us well. With our lean business model; give back and pay it forward ethos; and mastery, purpose, autonomy approach to our practice, it’s working.


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