Paying it Forward

4E902937-3909-422F-A188-910A549C5CD8Hartford Youth Scholars, Saturday morning, 8:22 AM. Photo credit: Eaze.

Since September, 2018, we give 10% of the ADR fee to a fund for graduates of the Hartford Youth Scholars Academy (an academic preparatory program for Hartford middle school students, in cohorts of about thirty students, hosted by Trinity College). We have just crossed into the four figure range of our donation, which we will distribute over the summer.

Here is a story about the program, shared with us by the executive director, to help you understand how our donation will have an impact:

One of the Academy graduates was admitted to an elite boarding school, and after that, to Yale.

Yale gave her a full scholarship, covering her room, board, and tuition. The executive director of Hartford Youth Scholars drove down with her to Yale on move-in day to help her move into her residence college. As they unpacked, the executive director saw that she had very little with her. She had none of the simple, necessary things, like bedding, towels, toiletries. They had to search for money in their program to buy these items for her.

The money we set aside from our fee will go to a fund to make these kinds of purchases, and, if the fund grows, will give these students the ability to participate in events and trips their classmates are able to attend.

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