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Kalon Turns Two Today

To describe Kalon, we use the tag line, “A Law Firm Like No Other.” This is of course technically true of any firm, but Kalon is unique in the vision we hold and what we do. We also say we are built for the future, focused on clients, centered on employees, and mindful of the community.

I don’t know of any other firm that gives its employees the flexibility we have because of our technology and business model. We can – and do – work wherever we like, such as, for example, for a week in Sevilla.

We have a Fellows program for students – already three have completed the program, one continues, and two more join us soon. Their experiences have included helping prepare an amicus brief before our Supreme Court, helping present seminars (including one at a national conference in Philadelphia), and working with our clients in our pro bono clinic.

In our clinic, we are working to get asylum for three people and are working with the US Attorney’s Office to get U-visas for two people who were kidnapped.

We have filed two amicus briefs before our Supreme Court, have won two appeals (one in the Supreme Court, the other in the Appellate Court) and await a decision in another.

Our ADR Center is blossoming. We have already handled over fifty matters, allowing us to make a generous donation to the Hartford Youth Scholars (we donate 10% of our revenue to this wonderful education enhancement program).

We are active in offering CLE, both through other organizations and directly with our workshops and Cicero project. And we host salons, where members of the bar can discuss in small group settings social issues in the law.

So, in these ways, we are a law firm like no other.

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